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METAL & WOOD is the bastard child of the maker John Malecki. John, a lifetime Pittsburgh native, grew up with his hand in the dirt as well as on tools. While chasing his childhood dream of the NFL, the idea for what would become M&W sprouted. Out of necessity and years of skill building, here we stand. 

Coming from a blue collar family, hard work and using your hands was never a stranger to John. Being a brawny young man, free labor was constantly something John was participating in. Learning minor skills that would eventually afford him his life. After football, John picked up his hammer and got to work. 

Learning the skills necessary to build quality furniture, John has built a living making custom high end quality goods. From reclaimed wall studs to imported hardwoods, John combines his unique eye with his personal taste that can only be forged in a place like Pittsburgh. Today, the captain of M&W steps away from the football field and into the workshop. John has built a team of individuals who are bringing a newer, younger, and more passionate feel to world of design.