I was recently commissioned to build a one of a kind piece for a local client in Pittsburgh, PA. My initial inclination was to incorporate  metal & wood in something modern and subtle. When I got into the clients home and did a walk through, I knew it had to be something that would be a staple piece. This piece is made from Figured Claro Walnut from Oregon. It incorporates a custom base, powder coated to match the clients home fixtures and art work. The "river" is custom cut glass work done locally as well. When we sourced the slab for this job we had no idea what the insides of it would look like. Once we got the slab milled down we found the void in the top where the "finger" now exists. This became a staple part of the design and has helped it stand out as a super unique piece. 

River Table Thumb 6Artboard 1-100.jpg



River Table Thumb 5Artboard 1-100.jpg

The wood 

The wood itself has a beautiful "calico" figure to it. This is what gives it that amazing grain pattern and the gorgeous differences in the color. 

River Table Thumb Artboard 1-100.jpg

The Design 

This table was designed to have the natural "live edge" of the trunk used as the tables center. The void is what creates the river shape. I then custom cut the glass inset to match the shape of the exterior of the tree.